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Elite Tactical Systems Group is please to announce that we have reached a settlement agreement with Magpul regarding the patent infringement suit. We have agreed to make a small change to the follower in our AR15 magazine and to pay royalties for mags sold between May and October of 2014.

We would like to give a little background explanation about our design and how the suit progressed. Among other things, Magpul's patent states that their mag design has a follower with a front and back leg, wherein the legs limit tilt if the follower within the housing. When we designed our mag and follower, we engineered all of our anti tilt functionality with just the front leg of our follower. Thus the back leg on our follower was simply there to act as a spring guide, nothing more. We thought that was not infringing on their patents. However, during the course of the suit we became aware of another patent in which Magpul claims only a follower with a front and back leg, no mention is made of those legs limiting tilt of the follower. Once we became aware of this claim and patent, we immediately agreed to remove the back leg from our follower. We knew this would have no impact on the overall anti tilt function of our follower and thus it would not affect the performance of our magazine. We started by manually removing all of the back legs from our existing inventory on
11-17-14. Every mag sold since that date has been of the new configuration without a back leg on the follower. In the following months, after some back and forth, we reached a settlement agreement with Magpul. That agreement was submitted to the court and signed by the judge on 2/19/2015.

We are excited to resolve this issue and move forward. We want to make it clear to everyone that we will continue to sell the most advanced and durable AR15 magazines on the market.

We also want to state that we absolutely did not copy Magpul's designs when we set out to create our magazine, as was evidenced by absolutely no affect on performance when we removed the back leg on our follower. We spent a year and a half designing, testing, tweaking, and perfecting our revolutionary mag to get it ready for market.

The following is a list of features that separates our magazine from a Pmag:

1. Material (obviously our translucent polymer is not even close to the material used in a Pmag, especially in impact resistance)

2. Our patent pending, completely integrated coupling system

3. Super easy disassembly

4. Our specially designed grip ribs on the housing of our mag

5. The grip rib on our floor plate that aids in extracting our mags from a pouch

6. Our RRS (Rapid Recognition System) colored follower and base insert pieces for fast easy recognition from any angle with our see through housing

We will continue to manufacture the best AR mags money can buy and we look forward to new and exciting products coming shortly.

We are in the latest issue of Guns & Ammo Book Of The AR15! On Stands 11-3-14...

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Monday, January 13, 2014
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ETS Group Unveils Their New AR-15 Mag with an Integrated Coupling System
KNOXVILLE, TN - Elite Tactical Systems Group will unveil a new 30 round magazine for the AR-15 at the SHOT Show (Booth #4167) in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 14-17, 2014. These new mags come packed with patent pending features that will set them apart from the other offerings in the market place.

The most noticeable characteristic of the new ETS mag is the completely integrated coupling system. This coupling system offers operators the ability to couple two or more mags together, in a matter of seconds, without the use of tools or any external components. This offers users the ability to complete mag changes in a fraction of the time normally required. ETS was also able to keep the weight down and the profile slim. The coupled mag is less than 1/8" wider than the standard non-coupled version.

Another huge advantage to the new ETS mag is their use of a new advanced translucent polymer. This polymer is see through allowing you to see your rounds, but it also offers several other benefits. These mags offer a level of impact resistance that is unmatched by the traditional glass re-enforced nylon polymers used by most makers. The new ETS mags also boast superior heat and UV resistance, great performance in extreme cold, and ultra low creep so users won't have to worry about the feed lips spreading over time, even when stored fully loaded.

The new ETS AR-15 mags will be available in the coupled and non-coupled versions. Both versions feature the following benefits:

  • 30 round capacity
  • Advanced Translucent Polymer
  • No Tilt Follower with Reliable Bolt Open On Last Round
  • Clip On Dust Cover To Keep Out Dirt and Debris During Storage
  • Fast and Easy Disassembly for Maintenance without Tools Via Our Specially Designed Floor Plate
  • Superior Grip with Our Special Grip Ribs

MSRP for the coupled version will be $19.99
MSRP for the non-coupled version will be $17.99

Please contact Jim Hansen toll free at 855-887-5452 or email at [email protected]

Elite Tactical Systems Group

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