February 2, 2021

Bill/Issue: U.S. HR 127 - Gun licensing, Registration & Partial Ammo Ban

Author: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX-18)


Establishes a nationwide gun registry that is searchable by the general public, mandates licensing to own or possess a firearm and requires a psychological evaluation prior to obtaining such a license, and institutes magazine & gun bans.

HR 127 establishes a federal firearms registration system that will be accessible by federal, state, and local governments, including the military - even the GENERAL PUBLIC. The system will track the make, model, and serial number of all firearms, their owners, the dates they were acquired, and where they are being stored.

HR 127 would make public your most private information to anti-gunners who can then dox, harass or even attack you while knowing full well every intimate detail of your self-defense systems. The system will also track firearms loans, including the ID of the loan recipient and for how long it is being loaned. This bill applies retroactively, so current firearms owners will have three months to supply their gun information to the federal government from the bill’s effective date.

HR 127 also establishes a federal licensing requirement. Applicants will have to be at least 21, undergo a NICS check, complete a psychological evaluation, complete 24 hours of firearms training, and pay $800 for firearms insurance from the government. For the psychological evaluation, a licensed psychologist will interview individuals’ spouses and at least two other family members or associates to “further determine the state of the mental emotional, and relational stability of the individual in relation to firearms.” Licenses will be denied to individuals hospitalized for issues such as depressive episodes; no duration for license disability is specified, and it does not matter whether the individual sought help voluntarily.

HR 127 will also establish licensing requirements for the display of antique firearms and for the right to possess “military-style weapons.” To display an antique, applicants have to prove they own an antique firearm, describe how they will display it, and demonstrate that they have “safe” storage for it. To possess a “military-style weapon”, applicants will have to undergo 24 hours of safety and live fire training. It is unclear whether this training is in addition to the base 24 hours of training required to possess firearms and ammunition. “Military-style weapons” are defined as they are under assault weapons bans like those in California and New Jersey - weapons are identified by name or because they possess two or more features found on commonly owned, modern semiautomatic firearms such as an adjustable stock, pistol grip, etc.

Finally, HR 127 also criminalizes the possession of “large-capacity magazines” (those carrying greater than 10 rounds) and “ammunition that is 0.50 caliber or greater.” Presently, there is no grandfathering clause in this legislation. Meaning you will have to choose between keeping your magazines and being fined and sent to prison, potentially for decades.

To read the complete proposed bill, click here.


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